I am not an influencer.



I just want to contribute a particular point of view.



Kanye once asked "do anybody make real shit anymore?". I had the same thought recently as I scrolled through the Instagram accounts and blogs of various influencers.  I was craving more substance and was finding a lack of niche content that I found truly interesting. I was also finding an inverse connection between the amount I was consuming (culture, clothes, ideas) and being able to produce creatively. The more you consume, the more you end up replacing other peoples creative energy for your own. That's why the title Mass Consumption is meant a bit ironically. Mostly, I just got tired of consuming the social media equivalent of junk food, so I decided to create a platform, to write about and share the things that I'm into. 

I grew up in the amazing city formerly known as Toronto (currently known as the Six) and have always been a writer at heart. At some point I got a real job (lawyer - exactly like on Suits) and traded my passion for brandname bags and business class plane tickets #noregrets. I'm a self confessed sneakerhead, hiphop lover, travel junkie and culture vulture. Reality television is my xanax. About five years ago I moved to Dubai and I currently split my time between these two great cities .

My goal is not to influence or inspire – although, if you are inspired, great, my aim is simply to provide entertaining, informative and at times thought provoking content from my particular point of view.