Why the Puma Basket is the Perfect Summer Sneaker

In the heat of summer, the all-white look has always been a classic staple - even before the days of Diddy's White Party. As such most brands will be quick to release their version of a go-to sneaker for us to salivate over before we set off on our summer vacations, whether they are city breaks or beach bound. But how do we choose? Particularly if you are a sneakerhead  who travels with multiple (eight to ten) pairs of sneakers that your boyfriend will insist are all the same? (Grounds for divorce). 

For me, the Puma Basket in white patent will travel with me from Dubai to Toronto, Barcelona and the South of France. (#jetset #mysummerplans). Its the perfect "passe partout" shoe as it encompasses chic athleisure styling with the distinctly feminine touch of the oversized bow laces. On trend but classic at the same time.  Additional bonus points for the fact that the patent doesn't easily scuff or get dirty, which means no one will know that they're not exactly "box fresh" (#blessed). What are your favourite summer whites? Comment below.