Your First Look at Drake's OVO's Flagship Yorkdale Store


Early last week saw the debut of Toronto rapper Drake's newest addition to his hiphop empire. Hundred of fans lined up overnight to witness the official opening of his flagship apparel store, October's Very Own, at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. Having already had a downtown popup for a couple of years, this was OVO bringing "downtown" to "uptown". Prior to the opening, Drake teased fans with a flashy promotional video, cut to look like a music video. 

A week after the opening there were still line-ups to get into the store, with security conducting crowd control - much like a club. Putting dignity aside, we lined up for about 30 minutes to see what the deal was. The exterior is sleek and classy, boasting a floor to ceiling grey marble facade with gold detailing - kind of how I imagine Drake's house. It is somewhat ironic however considering that most of those in line are under age 15 (with the exception of the writer). 


Exterior of October's Very Own Flagship Store

Exterior of October's Very Own Flagship Store

Once inside, the interior can be best described as one kid remarked, "a fancy person's closet". Good eye kid. Glass and gold gilding display racks of OVO merchandise with a heavy focus on t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts. Retailing at between $40 - $85 - we would expect no less from a fancy person. Check out some of the pieces below.